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Services - Evergreen Massage and Integrated Therapies


Deep Tissue Massage

Therapist(s):   Cam;    Naomi;    Nicole;   Arwen;  Willow

Deep Tissue Massage releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted areas, by both following and moving across the grain of the muscles, tendons, and fascia.

Myofascial Release

Therapist(s):    Cam;     Naomi;   Nicole;   Jennifer;   Arwen;   Willow

Myofascial Release is the three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial connective tissue in order to eliminate fascial restrictions and restore motion.

Visceral Manipulation

Therapist(s):    Cam;   Nicole;  Jennifer;   Arwen;

Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy, in which the internal organs are assessed for restrictions and compensations that might be creating pain or dysfunction in the body. It helps the body restore to a state of healthy function, through a gentle, hands-on approach. The tissue will be carefully mobilized, and as the problem is addressed the symptoms will begin to decrease.

Visceral manipulation is helpful when the organs have lost mobility due to physical trauma, surgery, lifestyle, pollution, infection, diet, pregnancy, posture, emotional trauma and more.

Visceral Massage Benefits:

Whiplash & seatbelt injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Stomach pain
Lower back pain & sciatica
Digestive disorders
Post surgical pain
Anxiety & depression
High stress levels
Headaches & migraines
Acid reflux and swallowing dysfunction
Chronic pain; both general & specific


Therapist:  CamRAPID logo

RAPID is a method of hands on neuro-fascial reset of the deepest fascia of the periosteum.

The periosteal fascia is the richest source of sensory free nerve endings in the body-richer than the eyes, ears, nose or skin. Stimulating the neurobiological system this way allows access to nearly one thousand times more receptors than massaging muscle alone.

RAPID offers the practitioner the ability to successfully treat complex and painful musculoskeletal conditions such as (but not limited to):

Back Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Frozen Shoulder
Knee Pain
Shin Splints
Baker’s Cysts
Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow

Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique

Therapist(s):  Cam

LAST is a precise, principle based, mechanorecpeptor specific manual therapy technique. LAST is utilized in the treatment of peripheral joint Injuries to improve treatment outcomes and improve the quality of life of clients.

Targeting mechanoreceptors and peripheral joint tissues has been shown to affect autonomic functions by:

Lowering sympathetic nervous system activity
Lowering resting pain perception
Decreasing muscle tonicity
Globally decreasing deep tissue pressure sensitivity
Increasing local propriocepceptive attention
Increasing pressure pain threshold
Changing local blood supply and local tissue viscosity

Pre-natal Massage

Therapist(s): Naomi;   Jennifer;     Arwen; 

Pre-natal massage helps support the body during pregnancy by treating the muscle tissue and ligature as it adapts to a different posture and position with a growing baby. It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful way to take a time out and enjoy this special period in one’s life. The treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual and designed to support mom through her entire pregnancy.

Post-natal Massage

Therapist(s):   Naomi;   Jennifer;    Arwen; 

Post-natal massage helps to sooth the aching muscles of new motherhood. Carrying a baby and feeding a baby require our muscles to work in special ways; massage can help to relax the strain on these tissues. Pelvic and abdominal changes will be assessed and treated to help support mom in the activities of her new life.

Doula services

Therapist: Naomi

A Doula is a labour companion whose main goal is to provide support and knowledge to the best of their ability throughout the labour and delivery process. Support by means of suggesting and implementing physical comfort measures and/ or emotional support. They may help with relaxation, massage, positions, and other techniques for comport. Without judgment and with respect, a Doula will communicate between the birth team to help make informed decisions as they arise during labour and delivery. A Doula can help guide the creation of a birthplan while giving insight drawn from experience and educational resources. They are not there to implement their own agenda, but to work towards your birth experience to have the best possible physical and emotional outcome given the process of the clients unique experience.

Doulas work for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

For rates and further information on the role of a Doula, please contact Evergreen Massage and Integrated Therapies and we’ll be happy to direct your inquiries accordingly.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Therapist(s):   Jennifer;   Willow;    Arwen; 

The craniosacral system is comprised of the soft tissues and fluid that protect the brain and spinal cord. Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch approach designed to release tension inhibiting the central nervous system, allowing the entire body to relax and self-correct.

Pain and stress are reduced, resistance to disease is strengthened, and overall health and well-being are enhanced.
CST helps relieve a full spectrum of dysfunction including migraines and headaches; TMJ syndrome; PTSD; chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; chronic neck and back pain; stress and tension related disorders; ADD/ADHD; and many other conditions.

Trigger Point Therapy

Therapist(s):   Naomi;   Jennifer;    Willow

Trigger points are mini-contractions found in specific muscle fibers within a larger muscle. Applying pressure to a trigger point will usually create a referral pattern of pain felt elsewhere, often recreating the client’s ongoing complaint. For example, tension headaches may be present as referrals from trigger points in the neck and jaw. Trigger points are treated by sustained and specific pressure to the point, which “deactivates” it, allowing the muscle to relax. Treating a trigger point can alleviate the referred pain felt elsewhere.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)

Therapist(s):  Jennifer

In essence, Lymph Drainage Therapy is a hands-on technique designed to help recirculate body fluids, stimulate functioning of the immune system, and balance the autonomic nervous system.
It is a pleasurable process, inducing deep styles of relaxation which can aid insomnia, depression, stress, loss of vitality, and memory.
Other results can include reduction in edemas and the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia; relief of chronic pain, inflammation, and conditions such as acne, eczema and allergies; detoxification of the body; and the regeneration of tissues / anti-aging effects.

Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure

Therapist(s):  Willow

Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure combines traditional Japanese and Chinese acupressure techniques, Reichian theory, Taosim, and Qigong. As with any other form of acupressure, finger pressure is applied to specific acu-points throughout the body. Jin Shin Do® works with the “strange flow” meridians, utilizing both a local point and a distal point to achieve more efficient and direct release of the acupressure points.

Swedish or
Soft Tissue Massage

Therapist(s):   All Therapists

Soft tissue massage, also referred to as Swedish or classic massage is a general systematic massage of the soft tissues of the body to induce a state of deep relaxation. It works mainly on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and it increases the body’s blood and lymphatic circulation. It incorporates effleurage (long gliding strokes), petrissage (kneading), compression, vibration, and tapotement.

Soft Tissue Release (STR)

Therapist: Cam

STR is a combination of Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage and Active Assisted Stretching. The technique involves applying precise pressure during a specific stretch performed in multiple planes of movement.
The goal is to appeal to the Autonomic Nervous System in a way that leads to the spontaneous release of the injured muscle, thus regaining the original resting length of that muscle.


Therapist(s):      Jennifer;    Arwen;

Reflexology is based on the theory that every tissue, organ, and gland in the body is represented in the feet. By applying pressure to these sites and treating the feet, pain and discomfort in the entire body can be eased.


Therapist(s):  Dmitry

Osteopathy is a method of alternative medicine. Although this is not a method of clinical medicine, osteopathy is based on a clear and precise principal of classical body anatomy and physiology. The main idea of the osteopathic approach is healing by returning the whole organism to the original state of natural health by the multiple manual techniques, using as for osteopathic diagnostic and treatment. The founder of Osteopathy (1874) was Andrew Taylor Still. He has been a medical doctor, but after long practice, he has found another approach to treatment.

Starting from the anatomical basis of the human body structure, osteopathy also affects physiology, and even the biophysical and psychological aspects of biological objects, resulting in the natural patterns of health rehabilitation. Usually, methods of osteopathy have the feature to be soft and extended in time.

The effect of osteopathy may not occur immediately but usually leads to sustained changes in the body. In other words, osteopathy can be called a contact with the body, by touch, resulting in the harmonization of the affected structures, by returning to the physiological mechanisms of life.

Please contact us regarding specific services and availability.

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